If you ask people what the first Martial Art was, you will most likely get a variety of answers. Some examples of early martial arts include kung fu, hwa sao, and hong kui. Martial arts had been greatly influenced by a variety of causes, including ancient legends, national movements, and historical political revolutions. But from the written historical records that do exist, it appears that martial arts actually prospered during the era of Confucius (better known as Sun Xian) in the sixth century BC. This period is also known as the “dry age” of China, for there were not as many wars or dramatic social changes in Chinese society during this time.

Two professional boxer boxing on black smoky studio background.
Two professional boxer boxing on black smoky studio background.

Confucianism, which is also known as “the calendar dynasty,” was established over a century ago. In addition to this, two other important styles of Chinese martial arts were brought about during this time. The first was called Sikhi, which emphasized meditation, as well as, physical self-defense. The second was called Jiujitsu, which means “jungle fighting,” and emphasized grappling, striking, takedowns, and throws.

Another extremely popular and common style of Chinese martial art was taught by Chao Gu Shen of Hangzhou. Known as boxing, it focused on kicking, punching, knee pads, and blocking. It was adopted by soldiers, who used it to toughen their bodies before going into battle, and was also used in certain Chinese cities for street combat. There are many records of people using boxing as a way to keep themselves in good physical condition and get prepared for street fights. It was not, however, until the nineteenth century that professional boxers began participating in public matches.

There are also a number of other styles of Chinese martial arts, some of which have become extremely popular over time. One of the most famous styles was called Wing Chun, which is named after a man called Wing Chun Li, who practiced it in his day. This style is probably the oldest martial art in existence. It centered around hitting with the legs, as opposed to throwing punches, and was very effective against heavier men and women. It has remained popular and is practiced today by millions of people all over the world.

The third style of Chinese martial art that we are going to look at was practiced throughout China for thousands of years: Tai Chi Chuan. This was a low-impact form of martial art, which focused on smooth and fluid movements. Today, Tai Chi Chuan is still used for medical treatment of those who have been injured, as well as for self-defense purposes. The forms, as you can tell from the name, are extremely easy to learn and easy to practice, and anyone can do them without much trouble. You don’t need a lot of skill, although if you do it properly, it will feel as though you’re doing kickboxing on a softball field!

Finally, we will examine the three oldest and most popular styles of Chinese martial arts, which have been practiced for thousands of years. They include: Wing Chun, Gojese, and Shaolin. While the techniques are not nearly as simplistic today as they were back when the three Chinese learned them, they are effective and serve as a great teaching tool. If you want to learn more about combat sports and how to protect yourself and your family, I highly recommend that you look further into the ancient martial arts.