The thrill around half marathons can be similar to in a marathon, only you get to get home later. Also, you are using half marathon events as a part of your preparations for the next big marathon. Knowing your half past time helps you with your race day plans. Half marathon training takes its toll on your fitness and endurance the last day but it’s well worth it.

Half marathon training

Many times when training for marathons you’ll have a lot of miles put on your shoes. For this reason, it’s important to have a plan in place of how many times you will take off. Many times you are going to do a lot more running on the final day of your event than you did in the starting mile. By having this knowledge you’ll be able to make decisions about the types of nutrition that you need and also make adjustments for your clothing and shoes.

On the days prior to your big race day, begin adding a long run or two into your daily routine. Most runners that I speak with say they are more productive when they have at least one long run during the week. It also doesn’t hurt to run a couple of miles on the days before and after your big event.

If you’re not used to running long distances, you’ll want to begin with a low intensity pace that will get you used to the change in training. You want to increase the distance and speed as you become fitter. Begin running the same pace, you’ll be running on your ultra runs. This will help you to develop and maintain the proper endurance levels.

When you are training, always make sure to give your body adequate recovery time between workouts. If you are following a specific diet or eating plan, then you’ll want to make sure you allow plenty of time to recover. The first week of the race it’s wise to eat the equivalent of two complete meals and take a short nap every night. Two weeks later you should have added a long run to your weekly schedule. If you aren’t eating breakfast, however, you will want to take a short nap in between because your body will still be recovering.

Running half marathon races is an amazing experience but requires a great deal of discipline and commitment. If you are completely new to racing than it’s a good idea to follow a training schedule that is laid out by a professional trainer. They will help you set up a realistic race schedule that you can live with. Just remember to eat right and rest properly between each workout. You’ll be surprised at how much this simple habit will go along way to helping you become a faster athlete and a more successful runner.