Linux vs. unix is a question that has been asked many times over. The answer to this question will be different depending on what one is using the server for. Unix is by far the most popular variation and yet there come in many different flavors. Unix is actually a family of multi-user, distributed, multitasking, and time-sharing platforms, which all have very different time-share configurations. Each operating system that is based on Unix has its own detailed configuration, but there are some key differences between Linux and the other variations.

How is the difference between Linux and unix boils down to its basic operating system nature. Unix, at its core, is a free software project that was started by Linus Torvalds. Linux was created by someone else (though the name is very much recognizable). It is often considered more user friendly than its more popular counterparts such as Macos vs. Windows PCs.

What makes Linux different than the others is that it has its own desktop environment, kernel, and application packaging systems. This makes Linux a great option when it comes to a free software solution. Many people will also say that the MacOS is better for power users and professionals that work on the heavier side of their computer. If your type of work tends to utilize a lot of resources and have a demanding desktop environment, then the choice is clear.

How is the difference between Linux and unix systems really boiled down to one central issue – the Linux kernel has a large amount of code that is dedicated to running different applications. In comparison, the Unix platform does not have anything dedicated to the web server or email program. The Linux kernel is also more customizable in comparison with the other two. The Linux operating system allows developers to write their own programs if they so desire. They also have the option to choose from a number of pre-compiled programs that are available. Developers can use the Unix platform for developing platforms that are open source.

Most people agree that the most important feature of Linux is its command line. The reason that people feel this way is because there is very little difference between the linux distribution and the unix distribution when it comes to the command line. In fact, most people do not even recognize the difference between a linux distribution and the other two. The reason that people have a hard time recognizing the differences is because most people use the terminal window to interact with the Linux distribution. Those who prefer to use a graphical interface for the command line will find that the command-line Linux distros will be a better fit for them.

Another difference between the two Linux operating systems is that Linux does not have a built in web browser like the one that comes with Microsoft’s windows. If you are going to be using an internet browser with your Linux distro, then you are going to need to download and install the appropriate software. Most of the web browsers on the market today have been designed to work well with the UNIX operating system. You can install most of the popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera on the UNIX platform.

The next difference between the two Linux distributions is that the linux based distros do not support the Microsoft Windows operating system. The only thing that the Linux distro will allow you to do is to use the UNIX foreign language facilities. You are not able to use Microsoft applications in the Linux based environment. This is not a big deal for most people, but if you need Microsoft applications, then you are going to have to download them and install them.

Finally, I want to talk about the licensing differences between the two popular distros. On one side of the issue is the free variants of both Linux distributions, while on the other side are the commercial and subscription-based versions. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for both of these versions, so make sure that you are going to be using the one that is best for you. I personally prefer the free versions, but that is just me.