The Mi Pad is a high-quality Android tablet that runs on the Motorola DROID. It’s a great choice for a tablet that has high quality performance for a price that is friendly enough for any budget. For this reason, many people who aren’t techies love using it. They can use it on their lap, with the keyboard attached to the device, or even stand it on their desk at work.

One of the best things about the Mi Pad is the many useful apps that are preinstalled. There are games, music players, weather apps, and so much more. This tablet is a fun toy for children, allowing them to learn while having fun. It can even function as an educational device. It’s perfect for homeschooling and for those who want to get a hands-on learning experience without the complication.

Another great thing about the Mi Pad is the built in speaker. While it isn’t quite as loud as what you’d find on other tablets, it’s still noticeable when you’re talking. This is a great feature for any person that loves using a portable stereo system. In addition to the built in speaker, there are tons of features that come included. They include:

With all the great things about this tablet, there are some things that aren’t so great. One major issue is the size. While it is small and compact, it doesn’t fit in many pockets. If you need a lot of apps, you may have to buy an external dock that connects to the Mi Pad via the USB cable. It can be bulky though, so most people are better off buying the iPad or an Android-based tablet like the Kindle.

The Mi Pad doesn’t have many unique features. Some of the apps that are preinstalled are decent, but there are tons of others that you can’t do without. This tablet runs very hot, especially during use. That can be annoying when you’re typing on your tablet or working with it on a lap. If you regularly use apps that require intensive processing power, you may not want to invest in the Mi Pad.

There are a few drawbacks to this tablet. It isn’t as fast as the iPad and it doesn’t have as many tools installed. However, for general uses and typing, this tablet offers the basics that you’d expect from a full-sized tablet. If you’re looking for an everyday tablet that offers a nice screen and plenty of power, then consider the Mi Pad.