The Mi Pad is one of the more impressive tablets available from the Chinese manufacturer, and many have been waiting for a release date since it was first announced in June. Since then though, there has been little information on any new products, apart from the Mi Box Pro, which we already know has great functionality. One such item is the Mi Pad, and many are wondering if this could be the launch pad for something new from Xiaomi. In this review, we will take a look at some of the specs of this amazing device, as well as what some of the applications are and how useful they are for business people.

One of the features that has been rumoured about, and is in fact rumoured to be true, are the Mi Pad’s ability to use applications from the App Store. This is similar to the iPhone and iPad in that the devices run on relatively modern technology, but the App Store is still widely used throughout the world. As such, many believe that a smartphone like the Mi Pad can provide an experience that is very similar to using an iPhone or iPad. Considering that the Mi Pad 5 is supposed to be coming out before the end of this year, this could be an amazingly useful feature.

One of the biggest problems with smartphone smartphones these days is fragmentation. This means that each company is trying to make their device as powerful as possible, without making it too identical to competitors. With many smartphone users become accustomed to using specific applications, companies who produce such applications find it difficult to market them to users, especially in the highly competitive field. This is why many have speculated that the Mi Pad will be the launch platform for an application that allows users to store their favourite apps on the device. Whether or not this rumour is actually true remains to be seen, but if it is true, it will provide another huge benefit to those who want to be able to use a smartphone like an iPhone or an Android device.

A third benefit to the Mi Pad could revolve around the potential for the device to run a hybrid smartphone and tablet. The rumours suggest that the Mi Pad will be able to run a powerful version of Android, and possibly also has run a lower level version of Windows on the device. This would allow users to switch between their current smartphone or tablet device and the new device easily. It would also mean that they can take their applications with them everywhere they go. The fact that the rumour suggests that the Mi Pad will be able to run Android applications on it raises the question as to whether such applications would work on other Android devices. If there is going to be a hybrid smartphone/tablet, it is likely that such applications will be compatible across the major smartphone platforms.

The last rumour to consider involves the possibility that the Mi Pad might support augmented reality. This rumour comes from an interview with the head of Google’s mobile project, Sundar Pichai. According to Pichai, the application would allow people to “immerse themselves in the world” through the use of their smartphone. In other words, the user would be able to “see” their hands, and in turn be able to control virtual items in real life, such as playing a game, watching a movie or surfing the internet.

All of the above rumours are speculation and we’ll have to wait until the Mi Pad gets its official launch to see if these claims are true. However, it is clear that the Mi Pad will be very different to competing smartphones such as the iPhone or Android devices from Apple and Samsung. These smartphones have a wide screen and are largely touch enabled, so the rumour makes a lot of sense. What we do know is that the device will run a powerful version of Android, and it will have a neat dual touch screen. The rumours also suggest that the Mi Pad will come with an intuitive interface, and that it will have access to a number of different applications.