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Yoga Foam Block

Practice with confidence! Yoga blocks help you find the balance needed for more sophisticated poses and give you strength boost. These blocks ensure proper alignment to safely support and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility.

Pink & Blue Foam Roller

Delight your body with this capable roller! The perfect remedy for the post-workout pains, cooling down or warming up, and overall mobility and body health. In comparison with the regular rollers, this one works in a much softer way!

Grey Foam Roller

Enjoy a better quality of fitness and everyday life! Foam rollers are known for their wondrous performance qualities: warming up, cooling down, stretching out, and getting rid of after-workout pains. This foam roller will help you improve joint health, get rid of back and neck pains, and reduce the lactic acid in the muscles after the most intense workouts. Improve mobility and workout qualities!