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Yoga Stretch Elastic Band

Have a safe & productive workout with this Yoga Stretch Elastic Band. No slipping, rolling, or breaking. The resistance band set can be used to exercise all grounds of muscles such as arms, chest, abdomen, glutes & legs, also good for physical therapy, recovery or to increase mobility. Made of premium quality natural latex material.

Acupuncture Yoga Mat And Pillow

Forget about pain and stress! This acupuncture yoga mat and pillow helps you experience increased blood flow, added energy, and muscle recovery! Use lying down, against a chair, or while standing to stimulate different pressure points in your the body.

Yoga Foam Block

Practice with confidence! Yoga blocks help you find the balance needed for more sophisticated poses and give you strength boost. These blocks ensure proper alignment to safely support and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility.

Soft Yoga Foam Roller

The perfect tool for any workout! Great for physical therapy, before or after exercises, yoga and massage therapy. Use the roller to relieve your muscles, as well as to develop your balance, strength, flexibility, and for rehab exercises.

Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Enjoy your yoga workout on an extra-soft, durable yoga towel. Made from ultra soft and sweat-wicking microfiber, the towel effectively soaks up moisture and sweat like a giant sponge. Its non-slip surface prevents sweat from hindering your yoga workout. Non-slip particles transform into massage bumps for you to enjoy a light and firm massage. With this yoga towel a productive workout is guaranteed!

Yoga Strap

Best yoga accessory for your daily stretching! Prepare yourself for various sports activities by properly stretching your muscles and body. Incredibly helpful for physical therapy treatments and for recovering from different injuries.