“What is the rarest martial art?” is not an easy question to answer. Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward. In this article I will attempt to give you some insights into what the most rare martial art is.

Based on: popularity, time and steepness of learning curve. The three criteria above seem to describe many martial arts. So, let’s see who makes the cut. Let’s start with karate/jiu-jitsu (Mixed Martial Arts). Bando Jiu-Jitsu was developed by the founder of Judo, Sambo, O Sensei, who are a relatively unknown figure in today’s world. He did invent the modern sport of BJJ, however, the emphasis on ground fighting has stayed true since its inception.

As for the second most deadly martial arts, let’s take our pick of Thai boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and submissions wrestling (Wrestling). I’ll leave out submissions and all other types of wrestling as the category that doesn’t require any striking at all, so we’ll focus on the first two. Muay Thai was developed by a man who was studying karate, so it’s pretty fitting that it would make the list, even though it’s relatively new.

submissions wrestling (Sushi-Kata) is probably the most difficult of all three, because you’re dealing with both arms, the legs, and the head! So what makes it so deadly? The technique that the author suggests making submissions wrestling deadlier is called “ki sa”, which roughly translates into “worms in the sand”.

submissions wrestlers rely on submission holds, and while these holds can be deadly, they can also be rendered ineffective by the proper opponent. A better technique would be to try and distract your opponent with techniques like the chicken wing, where the opponent’s arm is bent at the elbow in order to create the required leverage to attempt a submission hold. Another technique that can distract an opponent is the wrist break, where you pull back on your own wrist and bring it down on top of your attacker. Both of these techniques are extremely effective in their own ways, and the author strongly suggests that you use at least one of them if you want to learn the deadliest martial arts.

Now let’s take a look at the third most deadly martial art, Judo. Judo consists of lots of sweeps, throws, and attacks that utilize the GI (guillotine choke). So what makes judo so deadly? The techniques rely on a lot of joint locks and throws, and the few seconds that you have to keep your opponent down is what makes it so difficult to defend against, especially in MMA competition.