What is Linux? Linux is an open source, community designed and developed for providing users with a versatile, robust and cost-effective computing platform. Linux is a group of free-software Unix-like operating systems designed and developed for providing users with a versatile, robust and cost-effective computing platform. The Linux community holds a diverse group of contributors, all contributing their own ideas and modifications to the Linux platform. Linux is usually packaged as a distribution with a pre-configured distribution CD or a live CD image.

What is Linux? It was developed by the Linux Open Source Project with the intention of providing an open source operating system with a user friendly configuration. Linux is widely used in business and government applications and has become one of the most popular operating systems used on servers and other platforms around the world. With a huge user base and a stable and security support option, Linux has proved itself the most popular choice among computer users and developers. Millions of users worldwide use a variant of Linux and it is used in critical business applications, corporate intranet systems, desktop computers and other servers that need high stability and reliability.

Linux started out as an alternative to the Microsoft Windows operating system. Later, it became highly compatible with the Unix family of operating systems. The Linux community is hosting regular releases of new Linux operating systems, so that upgrades and fixes are available to the users. Unlike Windows, which needs to be upgraded, fixed or repaired from time to time, Linux has a policy of regularly maintaining itself by providing security and bug fixes to its users of the open source operating systems.

Linux started out as an open source operating system for scientific research purposes but today, it is used as a general purpose operating system. With a large number of user-friendly applications, it is widely used for desktop and laptop usage. In addition, it can also be installed on a server and used as a replacement to the Windows server.

Another reason for the popularity of Linux is that most people know what Linux means and most users have a fair idea about what the kernel is, but there are some who do not. To start off, Linux, like all other Linux products, consists of several core components that make up the main operating system. These core components include the kernel itself, along with a wide range of other programs and utilities such as the Apache server, OpenBase and PHP developmental libraries. One important thing that users need to know about Linux is that the kernel is the very center of the system and cannot be replaced. The kernels are responsible for handling all communications with the software and hardware components of the operating system and provide security, compatibility and functionality required for the system.

To summarize, Linux is an open source software distribution that was created by Linux creator Linus Torvald and has become a very popular option for home, server and business use. It is free software that is licensed under the GNU Public License, which allows the user to run the distribution for free. Users can create their own customized distributions using pre-installed or third-party Linux distributions that are available in the market. Linux also comes with a huge community eager to help users with their questions and problems. There are various forums and newsgroups on the Internet where you can get answers to your questions and discuss different issues with other Linux users. The best thing about Linux is that it has many different distributions that you can choose from and always find one that suits your needs.