“What is the Russian Martial Art called?” is a question that has been bugging my mind for quite some time. I was really looking forward to learning Russian martial arts as they seem to be more popular these days. Russian culture has always fascinated me so I wanted to learn about it and get into it but I didn’t know what martial art to start with or where to begin.

When I first started researching about Russian martial arts, I came across several different styles of fighting that used an enormous amount of strength and durability. Some were even designed for the individual who has problems with flexibility and being nimble. I quickly realized that there were some big differences between them. The one that caught my attention was taekwondo. Taekwondo is a martial art from Korea that is mainly used for flexibility and body conditioning but it also includes strikes using the fist.

Was I really interested in learning taekwondo? Yes, I was. Taekwondo also incorporated a great amount of striking and kicking into their routines but the striking and power came from the legs and hips. I couldn’t wait to start practicing taekwondo as soon as possible. I already knew that I wanted to become a kick boxer so the more body conditioning would benefit me greatly.

I began learning taekwondo from a young age. My father, being a kick boxer himself, encouraged me to take up martial arts. I learned a lot from him and then one day he showed me an old book of old Korean martial arts. It was quite impressive. I kept the book and have it handy whenever I feel the urge to learn something new.

A couple of months later, my cousin visited from California. I had decided not to teach him any martial arts as I felt that he was too young for such things. I wasn’t very surprised when he asked me what was the Russian martial art called? Of course I had to tell him. He looked at me like I was crazy.

He was absolutely amazed. He was so impressed that he asked if I knew where to find the book. I told him I didn’t. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much choice, I wasn’t going to teach him any taekwondo moves until he was thirteen. That was over seven years ago now.