We know from many sources that the famous CIA Black Water Combat Unit trained members of the Korean People’s Army in various martial arts, including Kenpo, and they used these skills in the Korean War. It is also believed that the unit trained the Khmer Rouge military dictatorship’s armed forces in some martial arts techniques. What exactly was the military martial art that the KGB used to close the door on the Americans in Vietnam? The techniques are outlined here.

Probably the most important martial art used by the KGB was Kenpo, which was developed by a Chinese named Li Chi Minh. It was taught at the Beijing University and became known as the White Crane form of Kung Fu. A highly evolved form of the traditional Ving Tsun, it had such stunning attacks that even the most skilled martial artist could not easily defend against. In fact, the advanced moves would overwhelm any defensive effort.

One of the most famous moves of the Kenpo technique is the chop hand technique. In this technique the instructor took a polearm and wrapped it around his waist. With his other hand he pushed the forearm down the belt, trapping his student. Then he quickly moved his arm, catching his opponent mid-air, and delivering a simultaneous chopping motion to both sides of his neck, which paralyzed his opponent.

A second famous technique of the Kenpo was the flying hammerfist technique, which was performed in a similar way to the first technique. Again, Li Chi Minh would take a polearm and wraps it around his waist. Then he struck a crippling blow with the end of the forearm. This technique immobilized his opponents, but he could move quickly to another location, thus breaking the possibility of escape.

The third famous martial art to be used by the Khmer Rouge was Karate. This was a close range combat style. Students learned how to defend themselves from close quarters and how to use their body to great effect in the street. Many Karate masters have fought back against American servicemen during the war and returned to teach their methods to unsuspecting Americans.

The fourth famous martial art to be used by the Khmer Rouge was Thai boxing. This was a brutal style of boxing that involved kicking, punching and kneeing strikes. The objective was to incapacitate the American servicemen from a distance using knees, elbows, feet and headbutts. Many Americans who trained in Thailand and returned home to teach others were shocked by the brutal tactics of the Khmer Rouge. Today Thai boxing is one of the most popular martial arts techniques worldwide.